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Citizen energy forum

Thursday, 24 Nov


14th Citizens’ Energy Forum

Organised by European Commission


The 14th Citizens Energy Forum will take place in Dublin, Ireland. Citizens’ interest groups, NGOs, businesses and policy makers (ministries and regulators) will provide their input on energy consumer issues in the current energy crisis. Energy is an essential good and its security has been heavily impacted by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which has contributed to an unprecedented rise in energy prices that is hitting the European population.

This forum will feature an enhanced citizen focus, taking stock of the actions of individuals and local actors to help citizens prepare for the difficult winter ahead, and considering what can be further done once the winter starts. The forum will focus on middle-income and low-income consumers and on solutions that they can have access to.

Back to back with the forum, two half-day events for specialised audiences at the EU and local level will take place: a regulatory roundtable, co-organised with energy regulators, and a citizen workshop in Ireland, co-organised with the Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers.

The forum will be live webstreamed with the possibility for the audience to engage through, where active participation will be facilitated through polls, citizen testimonies, inspiring examples of consumer actions and lively discussions in breakout groups.