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Thursday, 25 Feb



8:00 Washington| 14:00 Brussels/ Rome/ Rabat| 15:00 Cairo| 16:00 Riyadh/ Moscow| 17:00 Abu Dhabi

New Energy and Climate Solidarity

A sustainable and inclusive recovery to achieve energy access and climate goals.

25 February 2021

8:00 Washington| 14:00 Brussels/ Rome/ Rabat| 15:00 Cairo| 16:00 Riyadh/ Moscow| 17:00 Abu Dhabi

The Secretary General of the International Energy Forum Joseph McMonigle and the Ambassador of the European Union to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman Patrick Simonnet, invite policy and market leaders of the European Commission and European Union Member States alongside Ministers and industry representatives from world regions to strengthen engagement on a sustainable and inclusive recovery to achieve energy security, affordable access, and climate goals.

International policy and market developments in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic create new opportunities for collaboration to achieve development and climate goals. The European Union has stepped up its ambition to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, The United States will have re-joined the Paris Agreement and shall introduce new energy and climate policies. The Middle East and North Africa region continue to set global price records in the deployment of renewable energy to diversify domestic sources of supply. This will improve regional energy trade and strengthen energy security and sustainability through oil and gas, renewables, as well as new decarbonised energy exports such as hydrogen to meet growing demand in which Asia leads the world.

The endorsement by the G20 of the Circular Carbon Economy in 2020 and the various Net-Zero emission strategies governments and industries have announced create consensus among the world largest producer and consumers on the need to scale up investment in new holistic approaches to carbon management. These range from Carbon Capture Use and Storage to Hydrogen and Direct Air Capture and move beyond renewables technologies alone. Policy objectives and industry initiatives announced to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and return towards more sustainable and inclusive economic growth patterns require new energy and climate solidarity among producers and consumers to achieve shared goals. Decisions made over the next years on open and interconnected energy markets must accelerate orderly and inclusive transitions to achieve affordable energy access and climate goals in the interest of all.

The European Union’s Energy and Climate ambitions lead the world in the pursuit of energy sector transformations and the achievement of climate goals. The European Green Deal is the EU’s roadmap for the green transition which will require policymaking to adopt a sustainable whole economy pathway, credible and consistent policy signals to partner countries, to businesses and investors and aligned policies and regulations. Dialogue among policy and market stakeholders in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, the Americas, and Asia, will strengthen international engagement. Sharing perspectives on recent energy and climate policy initiatives including net-zero emissions and circular models can deepen understanding and help identify complementarities. These can boost clean energy sector investment and trade at scale, reinforce different policy and technology pathways, and help foster meaningful outcomes at various international energy and climate meetings scheduled this year:

  • IEF17 International Energy Forum Ministerial and Business Leaders Meetings
  • G20 Ministerial Meeting on the Climate Energy Nexus
  • United Nations COP26 Climate Summit and High-Level Dialogue on Energy

The event will be held on the Zoom platform. Since participation is by personal invitation, questions will be limited to registered attendees only. The event will also be livestreamed to the public.

During the roundtable, please type your question into the Zoom Q&A feature or email it to and the moderator will incorporate these into the Q&A.

Source and more information: 5th IEF EU Energy and Climate Day - European External Action Service (