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Monday, 31 Jan


Energy Transition Expertise Centre Stakeholder Workshop

Organised by DG ENER


The first Energy transition expertise centre (EnTEC) stakeholder workshop is organised jointly by the European Commission and the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI. It aims to inform stakeholders about the EnTEC project and present the first 2 in-depth studies:

  • Enabling the Energy Transition – How flexible digital options can support
  • The role of renewable H2 import & storage to scale up the EU deployment of H2

Fraunhofer ISI will introduce the project. The EnTEC partners McKinsey and Trinomics will present the studies. Afterwards there will be the opportunity to discuss the study results and ask questions to the project team.


The Energy transition expertise centre (EnTEC) is a (virtual) multi-disciplinary centre of expertise for the energy transition, aiming to identify relevant future topics for the energy transition.

EnTEC has been set-up to reply to the challenges of the clean energy transition and to meet the ambitious targets of the European Green Deal. Its main objective is to monitor and analyse trends in technologies and innovations that are relevant for the energy transition, in the energy sector, but also in other relevant sectors, in particular transport and mobility, industry, the digital sector and cities, homes and buildings. Its work is also related to the overall aim of creating a (more) sustainable society. Furthermore, the EnTEC experts analyse impacts of technologies and innovations on the energy transition, provide recommendations for policy responses that guide the energy transition and its impact on - and interaction with - other sectors and with other policy areas.

To achieve this, EnTEC elaborates and applies a systematic framework for monitoring and identification of relevant topics, of which 3-4 are selected on an annual basis and defined for an explorative or in-depth analysis. The explorative/in-depth projects are framed and conducted by the Innovation Research Team (IRES) of the EnTEC and external experts.