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Sunday, 18 Apr


MCAA Swiss Chapter Webinar on ‘Communication in Science’

Organised by Marie Curie Alumni Association


18th April 2021, 4-7 pm (CEST)

Important Aspects of Science Communication will be discussed:

  1. How to communicate our science with different audiences (experts, general public, policy stakeholders etc)
  2. How to write for non-specific audience (social media, blogs, newsletters etc)
  3. How to communicate our science through art?



1) Introduction of webinar and speakers (Dr. Theodota Lagouri) (10 mins)

2) Communicating Science through Art (Prof. Jill Scott and Dr. Toni Froehlich) (1 h)

“Creative Incubators: Art as a catalyst for novel science communication" (Prof. Jill Scott) (45 mins)

3) Discussion-Part I (Q&A) (10 mins)

4) How do you engage different audiences in Science communication? (Ruben Riosa) (45 mins)

5) How do you write for a non-specialist audience? Special focus on MCAA's Blog and Newsletter (Ruben Riosa) (45 mins)

6) Discussion-Part II (Q&A) (10 mins)


1) Prof. Jill Schott

Professor Emerita for Art and Science Research

Institute for Cultural Studies in Art, Media and Design, Zurich University for the Arts.
CURATOR/ Leonardo’s Art and Science lecture series.

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2) Dr. Toni Froehlich

MCAA Swiss Chapter, Communication WG

Nanoscientist, Basel

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3) Ruben Riosa

Communication Working Group and in Editorial Team of the MCAA.

ESR, University of Bonn (Germany) and University of Glasgow (UK).

MSCA ITN project MANNA (European Joint Doctorate in Molecular Animal Nutrition).

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Dr. Theodota Lagouri

MCAA Swiss Chapter Chair

Research Scientist, CERN, Geneva

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