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Wednesday, 15 Jun


North American-European Dialogue for Climate Solutions - Carbon Policy Conference 2022

Organised by French Embassy to the U.S.


Join the EU delegation to the US, French Embassy to the US and The George Washington University as they bring together experts, policymakers, and distinguished elected officials from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss lessons learned in pricing the external cost of carbon emissions – the cost borne by society and the environment due to human-induced climate change.

Recent events have exposed the volatility of global energy prices and triggered worrying disruptions in the traditional supply of energy worldwide. Against this background, the French Embassy (under the auspices of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union) and the Delegation of the European Union to the United States bring together experts in carbon policy and policy- and law-makers to assess policy options addressing carbon emissions externalities.

This conference will feature three roundtables led by renowned experts and decision-makers with comments from elected representatives of the United States, Canada, Mexico, France and the European Commission. It will be followed by a reception dinner hosted by the French Embassy.