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Book "European foreign policy in times of COVID-19"

The book tells the story of the main events of 2020 and how the EU has responded. It traces the main stages of the pandemic and the EU’s actions: from the ‘battle of narratives’ and the work on repatriation, to the development of ‘Team Europe’ and the deal on the recovery fund.

It directly addresses key questions for European foreign policy: what does it mean to develop European strategic autonomy? What is the future of the transatlantic partnership under the new US administration and how to deal with the strategic competition between China and the United States? How should the EU act in the face of "new empires" that threaten to destabilise our neighbourhood? And how can it strengthen its partnerships with Africa, Latin America or the Indo-Pacific?

In tackling these questions, HR/VP Josep Borrell Fontelles addresses the main challenges facing Europe’s global role, focusing on key milestones and choices that have marked this exceptional year.

ISBN 978-92-9238-927-7

More details and download as PDF: Book "European foreign policy in times of COVID-19" - European External Action Service (

Author: EEAS