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Fourth Call for ESAA Project Ideas of 2021: Selected projects!

The projects submitted in the 4th call for ESAA Projects Ideas were evaluated and we are pleased to announce the selected projects!

We are ready to share the selected projects of the 4th Call for ESAA Project Ideas 2021. The call was published last December, while the Submission of Ideas phase was closed in January.

The selection process involved the ESAA Liaison Group, the Service Provider, and the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), as in the past calls of 2021. In the next phase the project coordinators will present the description, the price schedule and the timeline plan for their projects, which will be commented together with the Service Provider. This process is planned to last around six weeks, in which the EACEA will give their final approval for the projects.

We want to use this opportunity to thank all submitters of projects in this 4th call, and congratulate the selected projects wishing them a very productive implementation phase filled with good experiences!

Stay tuned to find out more about the projects and their implementation in the ESAA social media channels.

Here the list of selected projects:

  • Strengthening the Erasmus+ Mid-Professional Network
  • Tanzania Green Erasmus Initiatives (TaGEI)
  • Erasmus 4 All
  • Choreomundus Dance Film Festival
  • EuroAmbassadors Training Programme
  • A new window for EU values
  • Drawing the future of Europe: Alumni and Students together
  • Europa In M├óna Ta (Europe in your hand)
  • Global Eyes - opening youths' eyes towards unseen communities and encouraging political youth participation
  • Youth to Youth (Y2Y) Erasmus Mentorship

If you have a good idea and you need support to implement it, we will communicate good news for you in the upcoming days!

More details: Fourth Call for ESAA Project Ideas of 2021: Selected projects! | ESAA (