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"Learning the vision of unity, cooperation, multiculturalism and sharing"

EUVP Alumna Dr Arcelia Moreno Agraz from Mexico, professor at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), about her work, COVID-19's impact on it and what it means to be an EU Alumna.

Name: Dr Arcelia Moreno Agraz

Programme & year of participation: EUVP – 2015

Profession: Lawyer

Nationality: Mexican

What I enjoy most about my work is...

Teaching and sharing with young people what I know, learning from them about every question and brainstorming with them during the class.

Impact of COVID-19 on my work and the collaboration with my students:

The interaction with my students through virtual mode and not being able to meet them in person required restructuring of all my class planning and teaching resources.

During the last 9 months I have learned…

Undoubtedly a great life experience: we must all cooperate; we have to be tolerant and patient and we are not all in the same situation to face the pandemic.

If I were not a professor, I would be...

I would work in some service institution supporting people or in the research area.

For me, the EU is…

An example of how all things can be better.

The similarities between the EU and my country are...

That many people are concerned about the common welfare and the care for the environment.

My vision for the EU in 20 years is...

A stronger EU with more global influence for each of the examples you set every day.

This book has inspired me:

The Diary of Anne Frank

My motto/philosophy of life is...

Leaving things better than you found them.

Connecting EU Alumni is relevant because...

They learn the vision of unity, cooperation, multiculturalism and sharing.

What makes the EUVP a unique programme is…

Getting to know the institutions and people behind different EU programmes thus helping us learn in depth what the EU is.

The most remarkable change before and after my participation in the EUVP is…

A clearer understanding of the EU and its processes. You have an idea of what the EU is because you have studied about it, but “living it” is something very different. It completely changes your vision of what the EU is.

3 reasons to participate in the EUVP:

Knowing the EU institutions, meeting and interacting with people who make the work of the EU possible, getting to know in detail the programmes that the EU develops explained directly by the authors of these.

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