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The new WBAA online community is live!

On 04 October, the new WBAA community portal was launched for its members!

The new online community has a lot of additional features compared to the old one and works generally much better as it is faster and more interactive.

Here is a sample of new features:

  • It is now possible to connect with other members through the WBAA internal chat or even to have a group (video) call.
  • There is a group system for exchanging ideas, e.g. for future WBAA plans.
  • Staying up to date and seeing when upcoming events are happening near you is super convenient.
  • Sharing files is possible, for example in a working group.
  • Members can check out who else lives close by with the map function.
  • Being member of the new online community makes member eligible to vote for their next board representative.

WBAA members who had a profile in the old online community just need to check their inboxes for an e-mail with detailed instructions on how to join the new portal (sent out on 04 October), it is just a few clicks away!

Learn more about WBAA here.