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Upcoming: EMA's Brand New Community Portal

EMA will launch its new online community on 18 March.

Brussels, 03 March 2022: In a bid to improve its community's membership experience, the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) has moved its Community Portal (CP) to a new platform. The new portal, set to officially launch on Friday 18 March 2022, has been envisioned as a vital tool that not only helps members from across the globe stay connected but also engage in more meaningful interactions.

"Seeing as how our members are spread out across almost every country across 6 continents, it’s important that we have tools like the Community Portal to stay connected. Beyond connection, this portal also offers a ton of new features like posts, groups, polls, meetup events, professional development opportunities and more", explained Ana Alhoud, EMA's Community Coordinator. In the age of the Metaverse, the CP taps into the potential of social networking, offering users a modern design with better functionality and ease of navigation. The improved features include a well-structured registration system allowing for easy sign-up and re-registration for new and existing members.

Both users and organisations can create advanced profiles tailored to their needs replete with a personal timeline, file management system, auto contact list, and a messenger and video chat function. Another important function served by the CP is to facilitate the conduction of elections during EMA's annual general assembly. The portal's mobile-friendly platform equipped with a notification system aims to make this process more accessible.

EMA's President Gabriella Mikiewicz expressed her hopes for the new community portal as follows:

"As part of EMA's Strategic Approach for 2021-2023 which puts a greater focus on what we can offer our community, EMA is very excited for the opportunities that the new Community Portal will offer our members. The new CP will be a gathering space for EMJM(D) students and alumni to meet and network, share their accomplishments, find new opportunities, develop themselves personally and professionally, and stay connected to the world of Erasmus Mundus. I look forward to welcoming all of our members to the new Community Portal on 18 March 2022, and look forward to inviting new members to this #EMAzing online space for years to come!"

EMA's new community portal was developed by pietzpluswild GmbH in collaboration with, MOSAIC, a service provider funded by the European Commission.

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