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Saturday, 10 Apr


1st ASAF General Forum

Organised by African Students and Alumni Forum


The 1st ASAF General Forum will be held virtually on 10 April 2021 from 10 am to 3 pm CAT (Central African Time)!

The Forum aims at introducing participants to ASAF (African Students and Alumni Forum) itself as well as to its strategy, milestones, and the role of the ASAF online community.

Moreover, an important topic of the agenda will be ASAF’s mission and role regarding international learning experiences and the improvement of Higher Education in Africa.

Of course, the fun factor must not be left out, which is why a cultural programme and music will accompany the online event.

As places will be limited, interested ASAF members should check all ASAF channels regularly for the official registration.

For further information on ASAF, please click here.