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18 May - 28 Jun


EU–Africa pharma and healthcare marketplace and matchmaking events

Organised by European Commission


A virtual marketplace and a series of online matchmaking events offer African and European organisations an opportunity to strengthen old and forge new ties with the pharma, biotech, medtech and life-science industries across the two continents.

Enhancing Africa-EU cooperation across the pharma, biotech and medtech value chains

There is huge potential for collaboration between African and European companies across all industrial ecosystems. In light of the pandemic, one of the most urgent ones is the healthcare industry, as highlighted at the 7th EU-Africa Business Forum (EABF) 2022.

The pandemic has prompted renewed emphasis on diversifying global value chains. Africa in particular has the ambition and the opportunity to become more autonomous in producing quality, effective, safe and affordable vaccines against COVID-19 and other diseases, as well as in the production of essential medicines, diagnostics, equipment, and other health products. This applies to the various steps in the value chains as well.

The Team Europe initiative (TEI) on manufacturing and access to vaccines, medicines and health technologies (MAV+) in Africa places Africa’s own actors and institutions at its heart and strives to involve all key players in both the public and private sectors. These events are part of the Commission’s solid engagement with the private sector as a driver for change and innovation.

The virtual marketplace and matchmaking events held under the TEI are designed to enhance cooperation between EU and Africa on pharmaceuticals, biologicals and medical technologies. The main objective is to support the research uptake, innovation, and manufacturing of quality, safe, effective and affordable vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, equipment, and other health technologies necessary to prevent and treat diseases prevalent in Africa and address global health needs.