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Friday, 9 Apr


Seeding Change: Film Screening

Organised by Marie Curie Alumni Association


As part of the Brazil Chapter event series, the event of April 2021 is about Climate Change.

We are hosting a free screening of the Seeding Change Film, which will be available between 9 and 11 April (72 hours to watch).

Following the screening window, we will host a Roundtable to discuss the film, as well as climate change, biodiversity, and consumerism.

''Never have the stakes been higher, whether it's climate change, soil degradation or plastic pollution. Triple bottom line companies provide an immediate opportunity for viewers to be a part of the solution. This film will educate consumers on how they can help save the world one purchase at a time''

Register now to receive the access code for the screening:

Access codes for the screening will be sent on 8 April 2021.