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Tong Lyu – Erasmus+

Zooming in: Questionnaire with Erasmus+ Alumnus Tong Lyu from China

Tong-Lyu, as former beneficiary of Erasmus+, what does being an EU Alumnus mean for you? I would like to be part of this long-term relationship with the EU.

How did the programme change your life/career? I have seen the world through this programme. I have learned about the world and how people behave. It has been a total fortune to me. One of the best memories of my life.

Why did you participate in this EU Alumni workshop? I would like to contribute myself, especially in my professional field (the video industry). I would like to suggest more interactions on how people can stay in contact and see each other.

What is your expectation from the EU Alumni community? The construction of a database is a must. We need to connect with each other. We must have access to contacts and profiles (interests, expertise, expectations, etc.) and people can interact, help and provide support within the system.

What do you miss the most of being part of the EU funded programme? Definitely the global community. My community was completely international when I was in the UK. We had colleagues from France, Poland, UK, Ethiopia and it was very international atmosphere and I learned so much from them.

Are you still in contact with them? Here we don´t quite get good connections with Google or Facebook. We are missing the channels to discuss.

Does your EU Alumni community intend to expand and develop? If so, how? We are now organized through a WeChat here in China. We must have a good tool to stay connected. I propose we keep the WeChat running while we are creating a new tool or platform that is similar to social media (Facebook), less complicated.